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KASU is a professional manufacturer of label laser cutters with unique features to exceed all digital printing applications. Our machine has passed the FDA standards, CE standards, and ISO9001.2008 quality standards.

  • Powerful Position Cutting Functions
  • High Efficiency
  • Powerful Control Software
  • Low Power Consumption

KASU Label Laser Cutter

Label laser cutter machines are best to cut different types of fabric for labeling purposes. A label can be cut and engraved accurately by the laser system. With the laser machine’s exact setting, even without base materials being damaged, you can still cut the self-adhesive layer.

Our company’s core talent, technology, and innovation generate the most extensive laser system in terms of the product line industry. As a leading industry provider of intuitive laser systems, our laser machinery had been used in different regions and countries worldwide.

We believe that by using our laser system, we can help to maintain, develop, and expand the advantages of some large automated enterprises and even some small family-owned businesses.

Why Label Laser Cutter

Super-Fast Cutting
Super-Fast Cutting

KASU’s digital label cutting machine, you will surely experience extremely fast cutting production. The hybrid servo motor system enables the quick move of the laser beam while doing the process of cutting.

Wide Range
Wide Range

One of the advantages of using the advanced laser system of KASU is its ability to cut various types of materials for labels. Those materials may include non-woven, leather, polypropylene, polyimide, glossy paper, polyester, cardboard, etc.

Low Maintenance Cost
Manpower Saving

A laser label cutter machine may be much more expensive than traditional cutters such as knives or scissors. But generally, one set of label laser cutters can do the work of at least 10 workers using traditional knives or scissors. You can do the math.


Laser cutting technology is adaptable and flexible, it allows mass production of labels in just one process. The laser can also readjust, can cut labels with accuracy, and can help to have a fast-cutting operation.

CCD Camera System

Kasu’s KX Series label laser cutter is equipped with CCD camera which has a very high cutting precision when cutting small-sized printed or embroidered labels ( better within 15cm*15cm).

The laser cutter with the small CCD camera system, which can only take a photo of 14*14cm area for one shot, will move the CCD camera to cover the whole working area first and then generate the cutting path. So it would be also difficult to cut big-sized labels with high precision.

So if your label is small-sized, though slower compared with the top Canon camera system, it is also a good option that is more cost-effective and can give you a higher ROI.

KASU KX Series CCD Cutting CCD Camera
2400W pixel Canon panoramic HD camera

Top Canon Camera System

Kasu’s KD Series label laser cutter is equipped with a Top Canon camera system with 2400w pixels. And the biggest advantage of this model is it can cut both small-sized and big-sized labels.

And it only takes 3 seconds for the top camera to take a photo of the whole working area (up to 2000*3000mm), and then the vision software will generate the whole cutting path within 4 seconds., which will save much production time compared with the CCD camera system.

And if your label size varies, the Top Canon camera system label laser cutter will be your best choice.

Applicable Materials

Kasu label laser cutting machine can accommodate various material types including:

  • Non-woven Fabric
  • PU Leather
  • PET, Plastic
  • Coater Paper
  • Acrylic
  • Wood, Plywood, Bamboo
Applicable Materials

Your Leading Label Laser Cutter Manufacturer

Your Trusted Laser Hole Cutter Supplier in China | Kasu
Quality Assurance

KASU has a strong design team that can offer a label laser cutter design base on our customer’s specific materials and exact requests. As a laser system solution provider, you can ensure that our machines provide precision and high accuracy cuts. We design and manufacture label laser cutters according to our strict quality control and in compliance with several certifications such as CE, FDA, and ISO.

Applique Embroidery Cutting Sample 26 - KASU Laser

With a laser cutting system, a wide variety of shapes and forms are generated with flexibility. Different materials are cut with extreme precision. Even during production, changing different patterns are able to be made. Our laser cutting machine is widely in various industries like:

  • Garment decoratives
  • Shoes and bag accessories
  • Home textile tagging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Advertising and promotion
Client Factory 30- KASU LASER

KASU proudly introduces some benefits of using our label laser cutter. The list is shown below:

  • Highly automatic
  • The choice of contours has a high degree of flexibility
  • Very high-speed during labeling of laser
  • Clean and perfect cutting function
  • Consistent high-cutting quality
  • Adaptable for many different materials

KASU Label Laser Cutter for Different Materials

Applique Laser Cutting Machine For Woven Fabric
Non-woven Fabric Label Laser Cutter
  • Ensures smooth and clean cutting edges
  • Highly automatic and high productivity
  • Level of accuracy is as high as +/- 0.1mm
  • Massive production at a very low cost.
Applique Laser Cutting Machine For Sublimation Fabric
Sublimation Fabric Label Laser Cutter
  • Suitable for cutting digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all sizes and shapes
  • Equipped with camera – intelligent algorithm to compensate for any distortions
  • Conveyor and auto-feeder – save time and increase production speed.
Applique Laser Cutting Machine For Lace Fabric
Embroidery Fabric Label Laser Cutter
  • Adapt a Top canon camera to realize automatic recognition
  • Multi-template cutting, big labels cutting
  • Ideal for accessories, clothing, bags, shoes, etc .
  • Fully automated, fast production
Applique Laser Cutting Machine For Plastic
Plastic Label Laser Cutter
  • Customized CCD camera laser cutting systems with add-on converting options
  •  Enhance label and packaging applications
  • Run multiple jobs in a single run
  • User-friendly interface
Outline Whitework Embroidery Laser Cutter
PU Leather Label Laser Cutter
  • Can automatically emboss and cut PU Leather labels patch
  • Cut exact size and shapes, concave and convex pattern
  • Automatic machine, high efficiency
  • Create original and artful leather label products
Laser Cut Paper Christmas Decoration
Paper Label Laser Cutter
  • Modular design ±0.1mm accuracy
  • Equipped with one laser head or two laser heads or even four.
  • Ensures continuous stable tension
  • Professional fixed honeycomb working platform
Wood Plywood and Bamboo Cutting Sample 4 - KASU Laser
Wooden Label Laser Cutter
  • High-efficiency wooden label laser cutter machine
  • Large area wood laser cutter up to 1300*2500mm
  • Full cover, optimum configuration
  • Both engrave and cutting functions
Printed Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
Acrylic Label Laser Cutter
  • Smart CCD camera system
  • High precision and production efficiency
  • Process simple and complex workpieces
  • Clean operation and excessive efficiency
KASU – Your Label Laser Cutter Provider

Like a laser, we can ensure that our company will stay focused on our innovation and dedication to providing intelligent laser solutions globally. Be ready to boost and maximize your line of business, choose KASU to become the partner of your success!

  • The high efficiency of the label laser cutting machine is incredibly amazing. That would be a great help to my small business. Good job Kasu.

  • I can’t imagine the label production output we come up with when we start using the laser cutter from Kasu.

  • Kasu never failed to amaze us with the label laser cutter machine. It definitely tripled our production compared to the traditional we used for 3 years.

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