Vision Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Kasu manufactures high-tech vision laser cutting machines that form accurate designs and patterns.

We produce a series of such equipment to cut various materials, including fabrics, paper, and leather.

You can send us your requirement details, and we will do customization processes professionally.

  • Available with single or double laser heads
  • Comes with cooling systems
  • High precision moving rails
  • Customizable according to requests

Custom Vision Laser Cutting Machine

The vision laser cutting machine is the equipment that’s ideal for cutting all shapes and sizes of printed and embroidered designs. Kasu typically manufactures them with cameras that scan, detect, and identity the fabrics’ contour or graphic characteristics. This laser-cut machine type performs the process with high accuracy and speed. Therefore, utilizing these advanced vision laser cutting systems can heighten your business productivity and sales.

Kasu is a more than a decade manufacturer of various vision laser cutting machines. We can be your one-stop laser cutting equipment provider. As our loyal customers, you can guarantee accurate and high-capacity machines for your business. We also skillfully customize the design you wish for your production facilities.

Contact us for further information, and expect a quick response from our team!

Why Choose Kasu Vision Laser Cutting Machine

Precision icons

The vision laser cutting machines provide high-speed and precise cutting of elastic patterns and designs generated by soft materials. It also helps achieve smooth finishes and clean edges.

Consistency icons

Vision laser cutting system from Kasu feature consistency. With precise cuts, the mentioned machine assures the same cuts repeatedly at multiple times. It results in application and assembly stability. This machine offers accurate copy cuts.

Saves Energy icons
Saves Energy

Because the vision laser-cut machines’ power consumption is about 2-3KW per hour, it saves more energy than other digital cutting machines. Multiple industrial manufacturers prefer such systems to minimize energy usage during the process.

Adaptability icons

Various materials can be cut by vision laser-cut machines, like paper, leather, and mainly fabrics. These versatile machines can cut simple and complicated patterns easily. They evenly follow designs without damaging the materials.

Kasu Offered Services & Custom Solutions

As a trusted manufacturer for twelve years, we offer various services and customization solutions, including the following:

  • Updated self-developed powerful vision software
  • Qualified machine supporting 24 hours stable operation
  • Free tube failure replacements within a one-year warranty time
  • Full set of machine installation and operation videos
  • Prompt remote after-sale service support by our experienced engineers
Kasu Offered Services and Custom Solutions
Vision Laser Cutting Machine Application

Vision Laser Cutting Machine Application

Kasu designs and customizes numerous vision laser cutting machines, perfect for various utilization. Our offered valuable cutting equipment is beneficial for applications like:

  • Printing and Embroidery
  • Fashion & Clothing
  • Label & Accessories
  • Sportwear
  • Home Textile
  • Plush Toys
  • Leather & Shoes
  • Carpet & Mats
  • etc.

Advantages of Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Business

Kasu vision laser cutting equipment provides the following benefit that enhances your business productivity and efficiency.

  • Automatic contour and graphic characteristics extraction
  • Material auto-feeding after cutting
  • Super easy to learn and low requirements for operators
  • Energy saving and material saving
  • Design your products at your wish
Advantages of Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Business

Kasu - Your Trusted Vision Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

KASU - Your Trusted Vision Laser Cutting Machine Supplier
KASU - Your Trusted Vision Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

Kasu provides laser cutting machines that utilize vision systems. It helps map out the cutting designs or patterns and marks the shapes on the fabrics. These advanced cutting machines are ideal for printing and embroidery companies. Using such laser cutting equipment minimizes production time and decreases labor and material costs. Kasu offers cost-effective machines, perfect for your business and projects.

We assure you our manufactured series of vision laser cutting systems are CE and FDA-approved. With extreme precision and consistent features, you find our machines beneficial for your business. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in customizing your desired laser-cutting machines. 

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us for more details!


Laser Cutting Machine Available Visions

There are multiple models available for vision laser cutting machines. Consider the following:

  • KD 1080-F: It is with a 1000*800mm working area equipped with a fixed table and can easily cut, engrave, and mark various pieced materials with a 0.2mm position cutting error.
  • KD1814-S: It is with a 1800*1400mm working area equipped with conveyor belt and can easily cut both pieced and roll-to-roll materials with a 1mm position cutting error.

The laser cutting machines with KD1012-SY, KD1816-SY, KD2016-SY are also available. You can tell us the specifications you need to suit on material width and types you want to cut for your projects.

Vision Laser Cutting Machine Core Features

Kasu expertly manufactures a series of vision laser cutting equipment with standard core spare parts, including:

  • Comes with spare part tool kits
  • Canon 2400W pixels camera
  • With an air-conditioned water chiller
  • With air pumps and exhausting fan
  • An optional active feeder is available

We also customize the details you need for your specific applications. Drop your message now!

Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Various Materials

Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Fabric
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Fabric

The Kasu vision laser cutting machine fabric is capable of processing various textiles, including the following fabric materials:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Silk, glass fiber, denim, felt, and more.

The cutting machine works very well for processing the different fabrics that are now on the market. 

Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Leather
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Leather

The vision laser cutting machine is suitable for various applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. To mention a few, including:

  • Shoes, clothing, wallets, and belts
  • Furniture and various crafts
  • Automotive interiors and accessories

Kasu specializes in designing and manufacturing vision laser cutting equipment for the leather industry. 

Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Paper
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Paper

When it comes to cutting paper, using a vision laser machine provides several benefits. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Non-contact methods safeguard the workpiece.
  • It can produce exquisite and accurate geometric shapes.
  • Wear-free mechanisms provide long-term durability.

Thanks to a laser machine, finishing papers in an entirely new way is now possible. 

Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Plywood
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Plywood

Using vision laser cutting machines for plywood projects provides high-speed and precise operation. To enhance production, take advantage of the following benefits of such a machine.

  • No chipping, which means keeping on cleaning the processing area is not necessary
  • Provides exceptional repeatability and accuracy
  • Minimizes plywood breakage and waste
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Plastic
Vision Laser Cutting Machine For Plastic

Industries involving designing plastic products with high precision always prefer to use easy-to-operate vision laser cutting machines. They are ideal for:

  • Customization and branding
  • Any colorful design with any shapes
  • Sign-making and displays
  • Vector cutting and more
Your Expert Vision Laser Cutting Machine Provider
Your Expert Vision Laser Cutting Machine Provider

Kasu has specialized in producing laser cutting equipment with built-in vision systems for twelve years. Modern, automated, and efficient laser application solutions are our goal. We relish assisting in the modernization and expansion of industrial processes employed by well-established businesses.

  • “The Kasu vision laser cutting machine is a low-cost option for producing high-quality paper cutouts. We can mass manufacture our product with complicated and exact patterns thanks to the laser cutting technology operated by the equipment.”

  • “Kasu has earned our confidence as a reliable China laser cutter provider. Our vision laser cutting equipment required changes for the material we requested, and their support teams and personnel supplied those customizations.”

  • “Kasu’s laser cutting equipment for our vision project came in excellent condition. Their outstanding quality control is of great use when transporting the cutting solution. No doubt, choosing Kasu as your manufacturer is an excellent option!”

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