Laser Cutter with Camera Manufacturer in China

The flawless unification of KASU for their laser equipment generates unusual accuracy for the laser’s focus and material alignment. KASU substantially surges the functionality of the camera and laser utility allows to save money, time, and effort.

  • Optional Vision Functions
  • High Efficiency
  • Economical to Use
  • Powerful Cutting Functions
  • Good & Reliable Quality

Laser Cutter with Camera

The laser cutter with camera has the great characteristics of high speed, good rigidity, and stability. The high movement speed laser cutter is built with automatic edge searching, automatic nesting, and automatic tracking. These machines are customized with the newest initiation of outstanding vision laser software that provides more convenience when used.

KASU is a professional manufacturer and certified China laser cutter supplier for more than 12 years. KASU also has a high market reputation and receives different certifications because of its great engineered laser cutter machinery solution provided to our various clients worldwide.

Why Choose Laser Cutter with Camera

High-Resolution Camera
High-Resolution Camera

KASU camera laser cutter can capture pictures clearer as it supports a high-pixel camera. For small graphics, we use CCD camera to save money and for bigger graphics or if you want higher production, the top vision Canon camera system is your best choice.

Automatic Cutting System
Automatic Cutting

Our laser cutting machine comes with advanced vision software which will capture the graphics and generate cutting files automatically. KASU laser cutting machine also equips with wide a variety of processing format options.

User-Friendly System
User-Friendly System

With the use of vision technology, the KASU camera laser cutter machine is equipped with super easy-to-operate vision software that is designed to achieve unmanned and automatic laser production.

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

KASU laser cutter with the camera is equipped with high-precision processing modes of edge-seeking. It builds with contour-detection mode, multi-template matching mode, and mark points detection mode. Graphics can also be modified.

Pre-Sales Service

With our pre-sales service, we provide professional consultation in terms of:

  • Identifying actual needs
  • Recommending the most suitable models
  • Providing industry solutions
  • Free sample cutting
  • Free factory inspection
  • Other aspects
Pre-Sales Service
Service in Sale

Service in Sale

We are always trying to maintain our integrity and fairness in dealing with our customers. That’s why, whether small or large amount of contract, foreign or domestic customers, new and old customers, it doesn’t matter to us. We always treat our customers fairly.

KASU also guarantees several products of great quality. With these means, we implement strictly our contract terms, strictly keep the standards of our products, and we execute multiple quality inspections on every piece of equipment before sending it to our customers.

Laser Cutter Machine Parts

Here are the machine parts of the KASU laser cutter with the camera:

  • Camera
  • Air-conditioned water cooler
  • Exhausting fan
  • Air pump
  • Optional smoke purifier
  • Optional active feeder
  • Optional extended pick-up table
After-Sale Service

KASU - Your Leading Laser Cutter with Camera

KASU - Your Leading Laser Cutter with Camera
KASU - Your Leading Laser Cutter with Camera

KASU utilizes innovative cutting technology, and we achieve a highly accurate alignment of material. Our excellent design that optimized the space provides great savings in material costs. These features allow for expanding product offerings and market opportunities.

As a qualified and trusted laser cutter supplier, KASU can provide different intelligent camera laser equipment solutions for cutting different materials. We also offer ODM/OEM service.

KASU Laser Cutter with Camera

The laser cutter machine with camera can be used for wide industrial applications such as:

  • Digital Print and Screen Print
  • Lace and Embroidery
  • Apparal and Clothing
  • Labels and Accessories
  • Gift and Toys
  • Home Textile
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Other industries
KASU Laser Cutter with Camera

We produce quality laser cutter machines that are equipped with various features including:

  • High-precision
  • High-speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Fully automatic
  • Competitive price

Different Laser Cutter with Camera of KASU

Fabric Laser Cutter With Camera
Fabric Laser Cutter with Camera

A fabric laser cutter machine with a camera is one of the different types of KASU’s laser cutting machine. Here are some of the functions that our fabric laser cutter operates:

  • Laser Cutting – use to cut the fabric into different patterns and shapes desired. With the focus of a fine laser beam on the surface of the fabric, the temperature significantly increases and due to vaporization, the cutting takes place.
  • Laser Perforation – is one of the useful and desirable processes of laser cutting. This step allows the textiles and fabrics to perforate with a compact array of holes depending on size and pattern.
Leather Laser Cutter With Camera
Leather Laser Cutter with Camera

Leather is a popular material that is laser-cut and engraved. The leather sheets raw and leather premade products are extremely durable, and have high perceived value, but are relatively affordable. The results of engraving are depended on the leather used and how the laser beam reacts to the materials. KASU’s leather laser cutter is incredibly working on different Pu leathers.

Acrylic Laser Cutter With Camera
Acrylic Laser Cutter with Camera

The acrylic cutting laser is a popular application for some industries as it provides high-quality results for cutting. The acrylic laser can produce a smooth and flame-polished edge to the acrylic material. Together with digital printing or screen printing technology, you can design your products in any shape at your wish.

Plastic Laser Cutter With Camera
Plastic Laser Cutter with Camera

Plastic processing needs an optimum tool such as a CO2 laser system that is contactless and has a high level of precision cutting. Unlike machining such as milling or sawing, plastic laser cutting’s workpieces do not require to be clamped.

Wood Laser Cutter With Camera
Wood Laser Cutter With Camera

Besides the traditional model laser cutting method, a laser cutter with camera can ease the printed wood product cutting process significantly. The operator can place the wooden pieces randomly on top of the working table, which will save a lot of time and enhance your cutting production.

KASU Provider of Laser Cutter with Camera Machine
KASU – Provider of Laser Cutter with Camera Machine

With KASU’s strong R&D vision software development capabilities, we can provide you with one of the leading laser cutters with camera solutions. For many orders we cater worldwide, we maintain our high and good market reputation. Enhance your product quality of line business by choosing KASU to be your camera laser cutter provider.

  • “The camera attached to the laser cutting machine has a very high pixel that makes the pattern seen whole and clearly. Thank you for the laser machine with optimal vision functions.”

  • Wow! The laser cutting machine with camera we got from KASU is incredibly amazing! The output product is very accurate cutting.

  • The extreme cutting versatility, extreme precision, and the consistency of the camera laser cutter machine make it great cutting equipment. Good job KASU!

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