Custom Vinyl Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu is a professional vinyl laser cutter supplier in China. It is designed to deliver great cutting precision, rapidity, and processing efficiency. We offer them at competitive pricing.

  • CE and FDA approved
  • Simple and extremely safe
  • Economical and space-saving
  • User-friendly machine

KASU Vinyl Laser Cutter

The vinyl laser cutter is mostly used by artists, engineers, and designers. It is manufacturing equipment used to cut out vinyl into different geometries and patterns. Besides through cutting, the vinyl laser cutters also do a good kiss-cutting.

Kasu provides handy and high-efficient vinyl laser cutters. We can customize them according to your designs and specifications. Just tell us your ideas and we’ll make them come true. Please contact us for orders!

Why Choose Kasu Vinyl Laser Cutter


Kasu vinyl laser cutter offers excellent and quality cutting performance. It provides quick and reliable outcomes.


Our vinyl laser cutter offers a high level of stability. This cutting machine offers quieter and longer-lasting.


Our custom laser cutter for vinyl fabrics has precise cutting performance. 100% guaranteed quality.

High Speed (1)
High Speed

The laser cutter has a speed range from 10 to 600mm per second. They offer great value to your brand.

Vinyl Laser Cutter Working Flow

The following is a step-by-step working flow of the laser vinyl cutter.

  1. Importing the designs – Vinyl laser cutting machine support many different layout format designed by other CAD/CAM software, including .dxf, .dst, .jpg, .ai, .plt, .bmp. etc.
  2. Generating matching templates (only for printed vinyl which needs position cutting) – You generate the matching templates in the vision software. And then after the camera scans all the vinyl designs and the cutting path will be generated automatically.
  3. Parameter setting – You adjust the following technical parameters of the vinyl laser cutter machine: maximum cutting width, laser power, layer, cutting speed, and auto-feeding speed if it has the conveyor belt.
  4. Start cutting – After saving and exporting the cutting parameters to the laser machine by the control card, the laser will start cutting as planned.
Custom Your Vinyl Cutting Machines with Us
The Speed of Vinyl Laser Cutter

The Speed of Vinyl Laser Cutter

With a cutting speed of 600mm/s, a vinyl laser cutter delivers the most flawless cut. This cutter is suitable for both small and large-scale textile/fabric manufacturing lines.

Compared with other cutting methods, one vinyl laser cutter can replace at least 3 workers. And when the position cutting for printed vinyl, it will replace at least 10 cutting workers.

Laser machines are commonly used due to their high production with perfect cutting edge, low cost, and adaptability.

Vinyl Laser Cutter: Advantages

Low operating costs and extensive use. Every vinyl cutter system we offer is designed to last. Furthermore, each machine comes with everything needed to run it, just link it to your computer and you’re ready to go.

Quality without compromising speed. These lasers offer remarkable speeds and superb quality. The laser cuts the design shape into a piece of vinyl easily and reliably, ensuring high quality every time.

Versatility at the push of a button. It can assist you with a wide range of tasks, including the creation of labels, stickers, bespoke fashion designs, decals, and paper prototypes. You are able to access all of these works with just one machine.

Vinyl Laser Cutter: Advantages

KASU – Your Trusted Vinyl Laser Cutter Supplier

KASU – Your Trusted Vinyl Laser Cutter Supplier
KASU – Your Trusted Vinyl Laser Cutter Supplier

For over a decade in the industry, Kasu’s advantages on vinyl laser cutters are innovation, flexibility, and reliability. As a means of building long-term relationships, we prioritize offering outstanding service to our clients.

Kasu offers factory-direct laser cutting machines, especially the vinyl laser cutter. All of the machines have passed CE and FDA quality assurance tests. We offer tailored vinyl laser cutters for you due to increased demand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.

Features of Vinyl Laser Cutters

We offer high-quality laser cutting technology with complete features, such as:

    • Excellent laser beam for achieving a pretty smaller laser spot.
    • Optional camera system available for positing cutting printed vinyl
    • Optional material auto-feeding conveyor table is available for roll-to-roll vinyl continuous cutting
    • The multi-heads option can multiply the machine production for massive orders
    • 10,000+ hours long duration of affordable consumables make the cutter maintenance expenses super low
Why Invest in Vinyl Laser Cutters

Consider getting a KASU vinyl laser cutter if you’re looking for a solution to make innovative cutting designs. These machines can let you personalize your items even more. These machines can change a simple product into sophisticated versions of your current product lines.

To satisfy your needs, KASU offers a wide variety of vinyl laser cutters. It will undoubtedly increase your output, provide a good return on investment, and lower labor costs. We will create vinyl laser cutters just for your company.

Vinyl Laser Cutter for Recommended Material

Screen Printed Vinyl Laser Cutter
Screen Printed Vinyl Laser Cutter

We provide screen-printed vinyl laser cutters.  Our vision software supports a multi-template matching function and different designed patterns can be cut at the same time, which will save materials significantly and also optimize the factory production line.

Dye Sublimated Vinyl Laser Cutter
Dye Sublimated Vinyl Laser Cutter

Dye sublimation digital printing technology is advancing day by day. And our vinyl laser cutter cutting is specially designed for high accuracy position cutting of such vinyl. A Top Canon Camera system is highly recommended for this application.

DTF Vinyl Laser Cutter
DTF Vinyl Laser Cutter

DTF (Direct to Film) is also a worldwide popular digital printing technology for its adaptability and low-cost. With the white powder with glue, it will stick tightly to the textiles and many other materials after heating. Our KD1012-SY and KD1080-F1 DTF vinyl laser cutters are then designed to satisfy this technology demand.

Kiss-cut Vinyl Laser Cutter
Kiss-cut Vinyl Laser Cutter

It features precision cutting, optional vision functionality, a fast cutting speed, and is simple to operate.

The kiss-cut vinyl laser cutter will remove the top layer of materials only. To satisfy this cutting demand, our Kiss-cut vinyl laser cutter’s working platform’s height difference is within 0.2mm and supports tiny laser power adjustment.

Sequin Vinyl Laser Cutter
Sequin Vinyl Laser Cutter

Kasu offers a sequin vinyl laser cutter to produce labels and stickers with a fancy outlook. Both small CCD camera and top Canon camera system can be applied and a honeycomb platform is recommended for a better cutting edge.

Custom Vinyl Laser Cutter Factory In China
Custom Vinyl Laser Cutter Factory in China

Kasu provides factory-direct price vinyl laser cutters. These machines are energy-saving, simple to use, have powerful control software, and excellent quality.

  • Kasu vinyl laser cutter is fantastic, even better than the first one I purchased. Excellent supplier!

  • The vinyl laser cutter superiority has advanced quality and depth control software. I like how efficient and effective they are. Kasu is really highly recommended for your next project.

  • Kasu can tailor vinyl laser cutting equipment to your specific conversion requirements. This is an excellent option for your new or existing manufacturing line.

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