Leading Non Woven Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a leading supplier and manufacturer of non-woven cutting machine that is designed to be used to cut nonwoven fabric sheet. It has hybrid servo motors to control constant length cutting which is the best machine for different industrial applications.

  • Support continuous feeding and cutting
  • Provide good stability and high precision functions
  • Made from high-grade raw materials
  • Suitable to cut poly and non-woven materials

One Stop Non Woven Cutting Machine Solution for Your Business | Kasu

Kasu offers a wide variety of non-woven cutting machines which are mainly used for production lines. This machine is appropriate for slitting and cutting non-woven materials. The non-woven cutting machines offer low power consumption, and fast speed for cutting, and offer incredible performance in a constant way.

We manufactured non-woven machines that are made from top-quality stainless steel and first-class materials to ensure that they give long-life service and high-quality results or performance. It is available in different sizes, working areas, cutting heads, and performances. At Kasu, we can offer customizes non-woven cutting machines to meet your specific requirements.

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Non Woven Cutting Machine Advantages

High Speed
High Speed

Kasu non-woven cutting machine offers high speed especially in cutting a non-woven bag or fabrics. It is designed using hybrid servo motors to give a high-quality performance.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

Our non-woven cutting machine is easy to operate and will comfort the operators. These machines are reliable to use even by a non-professional operator.

Low Maintenance Cost
Low Maintenance Cost

All of our machines including non-woven cutting machines can give low maintenance costs.  This machine will help to save your money and time.

Low Noise
Low Noise

Kasu provides a non-woven cutting machine that offers low noise due to its stepless motors. This machine can provide high accuracy and precision cut.

What is Non Woven Laser Cutting Machine?

The non-woven cutting machines are manufactured to use for different industries of non-woven materials to cut a lot of products. It uses Co2 laser to generate a high-temperature laser beam to vaporize the non-woven fabric materials and realize the cutting effect.

The machine body is well designed by our engineers and made of strong steel metal sheets which are solid just to make sure that non-woven cutting machines can be stable when running. It can function using a hybrid servo motor that can give fast speed during the cutting process.  It also has a safety cover and a sensor to protect the operator.

Kasu laser provides a non-woven cutting machine for different variations and applications. The machine uses a famous brand of guaranteed electronic parts which offer easy maintenance which is good to enhance your product quality.

Why Choose Non Woven Cutting Machine
Different Features of Non Woven Cutting Machine

Different Features of Non Woven Cutting Machine

Kasu laser manufactured non-woven cutting machine that offers a lot of features including the following below:

  • Smart control system super easy to operate
  • Selective single, dual, or four laser cutting heads
  • Adjustable laser power and cutting speed for different designs and materials
  • Fixed honeycomb working table and conveyor mesh belt table available
  • Automatic fabric loading and feeding structure is available to help to reduce manpower requirements.
  • An optional camera system is available for positing cutting printed or embroidered non-woven fabrics.

Why Choose Non Woven Cutting Machine

Non-woven cutting machines are especially useful in some production process that requires irregular shape pattern cutting. It is necessary for the manufacturing of different types of non-woven products such as clothing accessories, fashion decorations, bags and caps, and many more. The same non-woven laser cutting machine also can cut polyester, silk, linen, cotton, and many other fabric materials.

Kasu can provide non-woven cutting machines which can provide extreme cutting versatility, and can perfectly cut smooth edges. We can also offer a non-woven cutting machine that provides very low power consumption, is energy-efficient, and is easy to maintain.

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2 What is Non Woven Cutting Machine

Kasu – Your Number one Supplier of Non Woven Cutting Machine in China

Kasu – Your Number one Supplier of Non Woven Cutting Machine in China
Kasu – Your Number one Supplier of Non Woven Cutting Machine in China

We offer a non-woven cutting machine which is suitable for different industries of non-woven productions. We have a professional engineer team who can customize machines according to your business application. Our overseas after-sale service team can offer 24/7 remote service support.

Our non-woven cutting machine can provide a long-life service due to the materials made with it. At Kasu we always ensure that all of our laser machines are well assembled and inspected before packaging. All our products have passed the CE, FDA, and ISO certifications.

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Non Woven Cutting Machine Applications

The non-woven cutting machines are designed to cut different types of non-woven materials such as:

  • Applique
  • Decorative accessories
  • Clothing
  • Packages
  • Covers
  • Art and crafts
  • Home textile
  • Furniture
  • etc.
Characteristic of Non Woven Cutting From Kasu

Our non-woven cutting machines have a lot of characteristics including:

  • Super easy to operate will decrease your company managing difficulties
  • Smooth cutting edge and exact same size patterns enable your product a consistent quality
  • High cutting speed will shorten your product delivery time
  • Supporting both small or big quantity orders
  •  0MM cutting space will save much of your raw materials

Custom Non Woven Cutting Machine to Enhance Your Business

Non Woven
Non Woven Cutting Machine for Fabric

The non-woven cutting machine for fabric can offer a longer life span even in 24 hours of use due to its compact design and made with high-quality raw materials.  Four head model is highly recommended for massive production, which will offer you a 3 month ROI.

Non Woven Cutting Machine for Plastic
Non Woven Printed Fabric Cutting Machine

We provide a non-woven cutting machine for both screen-printed and digitally printed materials.

Together with our self-developed camera system and vision software, it can position cut out the printed patterns with super high speed and accuracy.

And most importantly, the smart software is very easy to operate. Starting design at your wish now.

Non Woven Embroidered Fabric Cutting Machine
Non Woven Embroidered Fabric Cutting Machine

Similar to the printed fabric non-woven laser cutter, the cutter with the same parameters can deal with embroidered fabric patterns with perfect performance too.

Auto feeding conveyor model is also recommended for a continuous automatic cutting process.

Choose KASU Laser Hole Cutter to grow your businesses
Skyrocket Your Business With Non Woven Cutting Machine from Kasu

Kasu is more than 12 years of experience in making high-quality machines for productions including non-woven cutting machines. This machine can provide high production capacity which can help to boost your business. We can offer OEM and ODM service, 7/24 after-sales service, and fast lead time. At Kasu we ensure that all machines are CE and FDA-certified.

  • “Thank you so much Kasu for giving me a chance to purchase your non-woven machine it is very useful for my business. For a year of use, I see a lot of progress in my company due to a lot of customers who came and buy my products. I will give five stars to you and to your team.“

  • “For many years of finding a reliable supplier of the machine including non-woven cutting machine, I am very lucky that I find you Kasu you help my business grow. Thank you so much.”

  • “The non-woven cutting machine is very easy to use, provide fast during the production process, materials savings, can give precise cutting and many more. That is why encourage everyone who a top-quality machine and a reliable supplier of the non-woven cutting machines I highly recommend Kasu.”

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