Carpet Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

KASU is an experienced and professional manufacturer of carpet laser cutters for over 12 years. For a wide range of applications, we provide innovative, efficient, and cost-effective carpet laser cutters. The CE and FDA quality management criteria have been met by all of our goods. We also provide excellent after-sales service at a reasonable price.

  • High accuracy
  • High contour flexibility
  • Consistently high-cutting quality
  • Cut edges that are clean and precise

KASU Carpet Laser Cutter

The carpet laser cutter is a mechanical-powered device specifically designed for carpet cutting. It is used to cut and creates numerous kinds of shapes, designs, decorations, or patterns. This is used to cut various fabric materials, such as: polypropylene fiber, leatherette, non-woven, blended fabric, etc.  KASU carpet laser cutter has been in use for many years in large-scale manufacturing companies. And it becomes the most significant equipment for carpet design and production. 

KASU is your one-stop purchasable solution when it comes to carpet laser cutters and other related laser cutter devices. That is offered at the most affordable cost yet guarantees long-lasting and consistent performance. Seize this opportunity to grab your desired carpet laser cutter here only at KASU.

KASU Services Advantages


KASU offers comprehensive customization capabilities for your unique carpet laser cutter application sector. OEM/ODM services are also offered. Quick delivery (7-15 days). And a trustworthy carpet laser cutter supplier.


Professional experience in the carpet laser cutter industry, which continues to expand. KASU is committed to maintaining and expanding our technological leadership in the industry.

Hundred Models

KASU is a well-known carpet laser cutting company. Over a hundred different laser cutting models are available. All of these have been widely employed in the manufacture of various goods. And we have a professional engineering team to customize for your industries.

Licensed Organizations
Licensed Organizations

All carpet laser cutter is rigorously examined before being released on the market to ensure compliance with CE and FDA quality management guidelines. KASU is a high-tech national corporation with straight direct sources.

Carpet Laser Cutter Performance Capabilities

The carpet laser cutter plays a crucial part in carpet cutting. This equipment is specialized having an innovative configuration that is largely applicable in this modern laser cutter production. Beyond the potential and competency of the carpet laser cutters in handling well-sized production unlocks the opportunity to sustain the increasing customized requirements in the industrial carpets. 

In addition, the carpet laser cutter from KASU can well-perform functions for customizing and personalizing diverse patterns and materials, artistically.

Carpet Laser Cutter Performance Capabilities
Carpet Laser Cutter Specification

Carpet Laser Cutter Specification

KASU offers a wide-ranging scope with specialized specifications, such as:

  • The working area ranges from 1600mm to 3200mm
  • Single cutting head or multi-cutting heads are available
  • Optional camera system available
  • Operates on high-speed and constant carpet cutting with high-power laser tubes
  • Capable of working in elongated nesting and full-cutting formats on an exclusive pattern
  • Fully-supports multiple data transmission modes and can run both offline and online

Select the Right Carpet Laser Cutter from KASU

Selecting the right carpet laser cutter for carpet design and fabrication is necessary for safety and continuous productivity. This guarantees high efficiency and performance that leads to production improvement, time-saving, effective materials conservation, cost, and extended market sales. 

KASU carpet laser cutter has all the unique qualities that every customer looks for. It is capable to cut various sizes, shapes, or patterns for various mats, carpets, and rugs more firmly and precisely. 

Select the Right Carpet Laser Cutter from KASU

Why Choose KASU for Your Carpet Laser Cutter Machine

Why Choose KASU for Your Carpet Laser Cutter Machine
Why Choose KASU for Your Carpet Laser Cutter Machine

KASU has a high market reputation as a carpet laser cutter manufacturer. We consist of beyond professional engineers who believe in true expertise and dedication to carpet laser cutter manufacturing. KASU always endeavors to give the fastest and most practical solution through carpet laser cutters, and aids for growth improvement for small to large carpet design and fabrication businesses. 

KASU has loving and friendly attention to give the best of all carpet laser cutters for all customers. It is constructed and designed with extreme strength and durability that lasts for years of utilization and to minimize flaws and errors during operations. 

Please give us your questions and inquiries to receive further information about the qualities, potential, and specifications of the carpet laser cutter. 

KASU Carpet Laser Cutter Feature Highlights

KASU is among the most respected manufacturing company in China involves in providing carpet laser cutters. All of our carpet laser cutters are equipped with unmatched features that suit your fundamental use:

  • Functional in different fabric materials
  • Easy for operation
  • Less maintenance requires
  • All system software and controls are capable of working in sync
  • Accessible for further customization 
  • Can withstand sizeable and heavy-duty production
KASU Carpet Laser Cutter Supremacy

All kinds of laser cutters are designed accruing to their specific use. Each of them brings different benefits to the laser cutting industry. KASU offers the carpet laser cutter that largely gives benefits, such as:

  • High precision and accurate cutting details
  • High flexibility
  • Perfect and clean cutting results
  • Gives consistent and versatile cutting quality
  • Multi-cutting options
  • Guarantees zero-damage performance

KASU - Carpet Laser Cutter with Applicable Materials

Carpet Laser Cutter for Fabric
Carpet Laser Cutter for Plush Fabric

Carpet laser cutter for plush fabric is quick and continuous—high-efficiency hybrid servo motor driving with strong processing effects. Optional smart nesting software can nest graphics quickly and efficiently, saving time and material. Optional large-format workspaces are available.


Carpet Laser Cutter for Composite Fabric
Carpet Laser Cutter for Composite Fabric

We offer carpet laser cutters for composite fabric such as fleece, spacer, needle felt, and more. It offers less fabric waste, big format processing, different cutting and marking functions, and camera recognition for printed carpet fabrics.

  • Cut edges sealing
  • Precise and smooth cutting
  • Consistent and material saving
Carpet Laser Cutter for Sublimation Fabric
Carpet Laser Cutter for Sublimation Fabric

Our carpet laser cutter is ideal for cutting digital printing sublimation fabrics. It is fully capable of cutting fabrics of different sizes and shapes. These are designed with cameras to scan, detect, and recognize the fabrics’ printed contour.

  • High accuracy and speed
  • Continuous cutting to save time and cost
  • Optimizing your production speed
Reliable and Expert Carpet Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Reliable and Expert Carpet Laser Cutter Supplier in China

KASU is the world’s one-stop carpet laser cutting producer. We own around 70 patents and intellectual property. Apart from that, KASU is well-known in the industry for creating and manufacturing carpet laser cutters with high-quality and professional services. Send your request right now.

  • “Kasu’s is an excellent carpet laser cutter provider. The carpet laser cutter is very flexible and has a wide variety of cutting characteristics. For me, Kasu was an ideal producer. They are always efficient.”

  • “I picked Kasu as my dependable manufacturer because they provide a sophisticated carpet laser cutter that is ideal for my needs, as well as a machine that is incredibly accurate and creates exact cuts. We shall be always grateful for Kasu’s exceptional service.”

  • “Kasu Company comes highly suggested if you’re seeking for a competent and reputable carpet laser cutter maker for your organization. They have a machine that can cut a variety of materials accurately and quickly.”

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