Embroidery Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

KASU is more than 12 years of manufacturing and exporting embroidery laser cutters from China. It is designed to provide clean, precise cuts of different embroidery.

Different models of KASU embroidery laser cutter can help you improve your product quality.

  • ODM/OEM services are available
  • 100% after-sale support
  • Material saving
  • High-speed machine

KASU Embroidery Laser Cutter

The embroidery laser cutting machine manufactured by KASU automates the cutting technique of embroidered fabric or textile. The cutting process ensures accuracy and quickness. It also compensates for any stretches or deformation which may occur in stretchy textiles.

If you’re looking for a reliable embroidery laser cutter manufacturer in China, KASU will be the most effective partner to choose. Our laser cutter for embroidery enables smooth, clean, and precise cuts. We welcome old and new clients for long-term business interactions. KASU is committed to exceeding all your requirements and working out any problems you may experience with your components.

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Why Choose Kasu Embroidery Laser Cutter


The optional dual-heads-in-the-dual-guide-rail model ensures the laser cut different embroidery patterns at the same time, which will save your production time.

Increase Production
High ROI

One set embroidery laser cutter can replace at least 10 workers using scissors, which enables your machine ROI in less than 3 months.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Our embroidery laser cutter is equipped with our self-developed vision software and camera system, which is powerful and super easy to operate.

High-Cutting Speed
Low Maintenance

The machine is manufactured with excellent components and supports long-time stable running. The only consumables like laser tubes or optical lenses only cost hundreds of dollars.

Benefits of Embroidery Laser Cutter

KASU is a leading provider of embroidery laser cutters with the following benefits:

  • Any artwork can be placed anywhere on the clothes
  • Attain excellent control and consistency with the accurate precision of the laser
  • Achieve clean cut edge through laser’s heat without any pressure on the textile
  • Device-free and contact-less process
  • No warping of fabrics and textiles
  • Clean cut, high accuracy, and sealed the edges of fabric without fraying
Benefits of Embroidery Laser Cutter
Embroidery Laser Cutter Capabilities

Embroidery Laser Cutter Capabilities

KASU professionally manufactures a laser cutting machine for embroidery, textile, and fabric. These machines are the perfect solution to make your product different from the competition. KASU embroidery laser cutter is designed to provide higher quality output, quicker production, and more accurate cuts.

Our machine is simple to use and suitable with any design software. KASU is a certified manufacturer in China with a technical support team and turnkey pricing. If you’re looking for a reliable embroidery laser cutter manufacturer from China, KASU is the right place to come.

Applicable Fabric to Cut

KASU embroidery laser cutter allows cutting any type of fabric, such as:

  • Denim, cotton, silk, nylon
  • Polyester, faux fur, fleece
  • Leather, ripstop materials, mesh fabrics
  • Lycra, Ultrasuede, neoprene, rubber
  • Natural and synthetic felt, rubberized textiles
Applicable Fabric to Cut

KASU – Your Leading Embroidery Laser Cutter Supplier

KASU – Your Leading Embroidery Laser Cutter Supplier
KASU – Your Leading Embroidery Laser Cutter Supplier

Are you an embroidery shop or print shop rooting to excel from your competition? Adapting to our new technology will be the best decision you’ll make. KASU is a leading laser equipment solution provider in China, supplying you with a high-end embroidery laser cutter.

With 12 years in this field, we consistently bring our clients individualized, fast, simple, and cost-effective solutions. All our machines are manufactured according to FDA and CE standards. Make KASU your leading embroidery laser cutter supplier and become a leader in your local market and grab your business to the next level.

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Embroidery Laser Cutter Application

Applicable Industries:

  • Computerized Embroidery
  • Garments, bags, shoes
  • Plush toys
  • Labels, patches, and appliques
  • Template cutting, handicraft, furniture
  • Advertisement decoration, printing, packaging, etc.
Unique Features
  1. Powerful position cutting function: Together with the camera system, our vision software can detect the cutting path based on graphic features and you can choose to use the transformation matching mode or not.
  2. Consistent cutting speed up to 600mm/s.
  3. Laser power: Adjustable laser power can ensure a perfect cutting edge and speed of different materials.

KASU Embroidery Laser Cutter for Different Fabrics

Flat Embroidery Laser Cutter
Flat Embroidery Laser Cutter

The flat embroidery laser cutter is widely used in producing curtains, garments, crafts, ornaments, and beddings.

  • Optional CCD camera or Top Canon Camera
  • Hybrid servo motors ensure fast speed
  • Super Easy to Operate
Outline Whitework Embroidery Laser Cutter
Outline Whitework Embroidery Laser Cutter

Outline whitework embroidery is among one of the most difficult-to-recognition embroidery materials.

But our smart visual software can increase the difference in material and light between the backing cloth and the embroidery thread by enhancing the image and then make the clear detection.

Towel Embroidery Laser Cutter
Towel Embroidery Laser Cutter

Towel embroidery has a graphic distortion error because of the height difference between the embroidery thread and the bottom cloth. Compared with flat embroidery, it is more difficult to get high-precision cutting.

Therefore, if high cutting accuracy is required, you should pay attention to controlling the cutting range when cutting towel embroidery.  Only cut in the middle of the machine so that the cutting outline can be more even.

Sequin Embroidery Laser Cutter
Sequin Embroidery Laser Cutter

Sequin embroidery, because its beads are reflective, does not require the machine’s own light source to be enabled when cutting, which will effectively reduce the loss of pattern features due to reflections.

Plush Embroidery Laser Cutter
Plush Embroidery Laser Cutter

Plush embroidery is very widely used and is a very important way to reflect the details of toy design production, in addition to printing.

Because there are different lengths of plush, generally when cutting, you can choose whether to cut the front or the back side according to the situation and generally pick the side with more obvious features.

Lace Embroidery Laser Cutter
Lace Embroidery Laser Cutter

There are many types of lace embroidery and some are also difficult to cut.

We can decide whether to use a contour cutting mode or a template matching mode depending on the specific graphic design, and the color difference between the embroidery thread and the backing fabric.

KASU – Leading Embroidery Laser Cutter Machine Supplier
KASU – Leading Embroidery Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

We provide a high-speed embroidery laser cutter that enhances your productivity, saves material, and precise cutting. We support custom services to match your special requirements.

  • We have been working with KASU for many years and make our production increased through their high-end quality embroidery laser cutter. The machine is manufactured exactly to my spec and was delivered on time.

  • The price was affordable and their pre-manufacture communication is quick and very clear. Now I found KASU as my ultimate laser cutter supplier for my business. Thank you, KASU!

  • KASU team was always cooperating with us to fulfill our requirements regarding the custom design of the cutter which other sectors were unable to provide for us. They delivered the machine exactly to my requirements and on time. Plus, excellent customer service!

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