• KD1814-S1
  • 2400W pixel Canon panoramic HD camera
  • KASU Laser Lightning Structure
  • Special Touch Screen Operation Panel
  • KASU Laser Dual Heads Dual Guiderails
  • KASU Laser Control Board
  • KD1814-S1
  • 2400W pixel Canon panoramic HD camera
  • KASU Laser Lightning Structure
  • Special Touch Screen Operation Panel
  • KASU Laser Dual Heads Dual Guiderails
  • KASU Laser Control Board

KD1814-S2 Double Head Laser Cutter With Camera

Under the non-vision cutting mode, the two heads of the KASU KD1814-S2 laser cutter can simultaneously cut the same shapes of patterns in plain fabrics. And when working under the vision mode, this model can also position cut graphics at a very high speed.

  • Extreme Cutting Versatility
  • Powerful Vision Software Meet Multi-Industry Needs
  • Vision and Non-Vision Working Modes
  • Stable and 24 Hours Running
High Cutting Precision
Hot Sealed Cutting Edge
Any Type of Textiles
Continuous Working Mode

Laser Cutter With Camera Solution

Laser cutting technology is ideal enough to smoothly and effectively cut many kinds of materials without causing it any harm overall.

The KD1814-S2 Double Head Laser Cutter With Camera is the laser cutter combined with the advanced large vision software system of the KASU laser. It can automatically recognize the contour of the printed or embroidered fabrics, leather, and other flexible materials and then cut with super high accuracy and efficiency.

Video Cover
Working Area 1800MM*1400MM Software KASU
Laser Type Glass CO2 Laser Tube Working Speed <1000 MM/S
Laser Power 80/100/130/150W Power Supply Requirements AC220V±5%   50Hz/60Hz 1Phase
Heads of Laser Double Heads Format Supported AI\BMP\PLT\DXF\DST
Dimensions with Wood Package 2.28*2.5*1.51M  2.28*0.86*0.55M Positioning Accuracy ±0.1MM
Gross Weight 1150KG Operating Temperature minus 10℃~45℃
Motion System Stepping Motor Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling System 5200 Industrial Water Chiller Total Power <1.5KW (Excluding exhauster)


Smart Top Vision and Control Software

Together with the Canon EOS Camera with 2,400 Mega Pixels, the KD1814-S2 camera laser cutter’s vision software automates the whole graphic detection and position-cutting process.

And our control software supports two laser heads in a single guide rail to help each other cut out all the printed patterns. The effective cutting width of the KD1814-S2 laser under vision mode can be 1800mm.

Top Vision Software for Laser Cutter With Camera
Auto Feeding Conveyor Belt

Auto Feeding Conveyor Table

KD1814-S2 is equipped with a chain conveyor belt, which can auto-feed the roll material right after the laser cutting process. With the optional active feeder, the operator only needs to take care of the cut pattern pick-up job.

More Stable Triangle Structure Design

The triangle machine structure design means more cost for us, but more benefits for you. Bigger waste collection space, better smoke exhausting effect and more stable for the conveyor chain belt’s motion.



What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Juan Rodríguez
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Really lucky that i found KASU as my double head laser cutter with camera manufacturer. All machines they provide has great parts and components, brilliant design and function. They also offer a wide range of laser cutter for your needs. Excellent service, great warranty, and good communication. Thank you, KASU!
How KASU Support Your Business

How KASU Support Your Business

KASU Laser is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company in China. We are dedicated to producing high-standard laser cutting machines worldwide. Our machines have ultra-high power capability, high-precision, and are durable.

We have a professional team that provides 100% after-sale support. Full customization of machines according to your needs. 

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