Custom Acrylic Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu manufacture excellent quality laser cutting machine for acrylic. It is made from quality parts and assembled carefully by our engineers.

The machines provide high productivity and stable operation. For your OEM and ODM request, please contact us immediately.

  • Cut precisely at an accurate speed
  • High quality and increased productivity
  • Easy to operate and low cost
  • Can be custom designed according to your needs

Kasu Acrylic Laser Cutter

Laser cutter machines are used to cut plastics, clear and colored acrylic sheets to produce various parts such as patterns, signs, logos, letters, numbers, and arts and crafts.  It provides a very precise process with an extremely narrow notch width for complex contours. Manpower can be reduced by the full automation and minimal human involvement of laser cutting devices. It is easy to operate thanks to its advanced control system, intelligent software, and assembly. It has a simple and precise working position.

Kasulaser team can design various types of laser machines depending on working size, laser tube watts required, etc. We can recommend the best acrylic cutting machine for your company. Message us today.

Why Choose Kasu Acrylic Laser Cutter Machine

Offers Unique Shape
Offers Unique Shape

An acrylic laser cutter can cut various shapes and patterns suitable for your projects. Depending on the wattage of the laser cutter, it can cut different acrylic thicknesses.

High Speed
High Speed

Acrylic laser cutter can cut and engrave well at a high speed and low power. Guaranteed high efficiency, high productivity, and offer extreme precision and consistency.

Sturdy and Durable
Sturdy and Durable

All machines are made from sturdy and durable components and materials. Thus, it can operate well 24 hours, and shorten your production lead time.


Kasu design superior quality machines according to your unique specifications and requirements. We can etch the logo of your brand to market your business.

Acrylic Suitable for Laser Technology

The types of acrylic ideal for laser cutting are the following:

Cast acrylic sheets are fabricated by pouring liquid acrylic into molds. It can be configured into different shapes and sizes. This can be laser cut and engraved.

Extruded acrylic sheets can be cut cleanly and smoothly. It can be a flame-polished edge when laser cut. Extruded acrylic is a very popular cutting material.

No matter what the acrylic types, we can provide an accurate laser cutting machine with automated and intelligent functions.

Acrylic Suitable for Laser Technology
Advantages of Laser Cutting Acrylic

Advantages of Laser Cutting Acrylic

  • Easily cuts non-ferrous material
  • High-speed, high productivity
  • Uses less energy in the operation
  • Can cut through up to 20mm thickness acrylic
  • Carefully and precisely cut complex forms
  • Provide durable and perfect edge finish
  • Integrate specialized software

Laser Cutting Speeds

When cutting acrylic, 80W to 200W glass Co2 laser tubes are recommended. Bigger power laser tubes like 200W are highly suggested for cutting thick acrylic materials up to 20mm thickness. Generally speaking, for the same thickness acrylic, the bigger power, the cutting speed would be faster.

Kasu supplies high-performance laser technology that can work on the cast and extruded acrylics. It can provide precise patterns, textures, and hues. Kasu provides exact parameters and other technical features to ensure that they match your needs.

Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

Professional Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Professiona lAcrylic Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer
Professiona lAcrylic Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

KASU is a professional acrylic laser cutter manufacturer for more than 12 years. Our machines can cut simple to complex designs of acrylic.  It can produce smooth, flame-polished edge cuts. We can custom machine, Table sizes, Logos could be customized, colors and special configurations.

Being a leader in this industry, Kasu has strong capabilities to supply a wide range of acrylic laser technology. It can be designed according to your requirements. Our laser machine consumables are high-quality and cost-effective. You can avail various parts for your specific business. We can OEM/ODM machines in our advanced facilities. Our factory has passed CE, ISO, and FDA quality management standards. It guarantees a long-lasting and consistent production machines.

For your one-stop acrylic laser cutter solutions, rely on Kasu. Our complete service will definitely satisfy your needs. Request a free quote now.

Acrylic Laser Cutter Projects Types

Due to its durability, acrylic is best when it comes to laser processing. Acrylic laser cutting system is applied to make ideal products such as:

  • Point of purchase signage
  • Earrings or pendants
  • Boxes or containers
  • Directional signage
  • Acrylic cake toppers
  • Custom plaques and awards
  • Holiday ornaments
Quality Control Production

The whole production of acrylic laser cutters undergoes strict quality control and inspection. Each machine is checked and tested to guarantee excellent quality and operation. From material selection, assembly and production, packaging, and delivery, you can rely on the complete services offered by KASU.

Our team will recommend the best machine suitable for your specific operations. We will offer you our detailed quotation, careful evaluation, and discussion such as technical parameters, specifications, etc. We will arrange the delivery and necessary shipping documents to ensure smooth transactions.

Skyrocket Your Business with KASU

Thin Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
Thin Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
  • 80W, 100W, 130W, and 150W laser tubes are recommended for less than 10mm thin acrylic fast and productive cutting. The bigger power, the faster speed.
  • Safe, efficient, and precise operation
  • Maximum reliability, performance, speed, and quality end product.
Thick Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
Thick Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
  • High power 150W and 200W laser tubes are recommended for 24/7 materials processing thick acrylic up to 20mm.
  • No after-polishing process needed
  • High definition processing with the excellent edge quality
  • Easy to use and super low maintenance.
Acrylic Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
Acrylic Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
  • One laser machine with multi-functions including cutting and engraving.
  • Better with smaller power laser tubes to perform with thinner spot size and achieve a better engraving effect
  • Works on both cast and extruded acrylics
  • Engrave well at a high speed and low power
Printed Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
Printed Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

Let KASU provide the automated acrylic laser cutting machine for your printed acrylic. It is a safe, efficient, and precise process of making various well-designed printed acrylic parts.

  • Uses high precision visual recognition algorithm with the assistance of CCD camera system
  • Non-contact rapid cutting
  • Vision and Non-Vision working modes
Kasu- Your Reliable Acrylic Laser Cutter Manufacturer
Kasu – Your Reliable Acrylic Laser Cutter Manufacturer

KASU manufacture high-tech laser cutter machine for factory or companies working with acrylic. Its multi-functions – Perforating, Marking, Cutting, Engraving, Printing, and Etching. High-speed, High-efficiency machines available in OEM/ODM designs.

  • “Thank you, Kasu for a high-performance laser technology machine. This is easy to operate, has a low requirement, and provides safe operation. The machines provide a high return on investment for my business.”

  • “Perfect for our acrylic fabrication, laser cutter machines shorten my company’s production lead time. It offers high-speed operation with powerful position cutting functions and intelligent software.”

  • “Kasu’s acrylic laser cutters are superb. It works consistently for long hours. The machine cuts acrylic sheets precisely and accurately. Our company now benefits from its high productivity.”

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