Wood Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

KASU is a leading international developer and manufacturer of wood laser cutters with headquarters in China. We have 70+ self-owned intelligent properties and patents. Our wood laser cutters are used in more than 5000+ global cases around the world.

  • Multi Laser Functions
  • Easy To Operate 
  • Extreme precision and consistency
  • High accuracy and powerful control software

KASU Wood Laser Cutter

KASU wood laser cutter offers several advantages, including excellent bending resistance, moisture resistance, and non-deformation. A wood laser cutter is particularly popular in the arts and crafts industry. It features a high cutting speed, little distortion, and outstanding safety and cleanliness. Furthermore, wood laser cutting machines are frequently utilized to create unique objects. As a result, more and more customers are opting for wood laser cutting and engraving.

The wood laser cutting machine uses a large cutting accuracy, excellent cutting quality, and a low cut width. Users of wood laser cutters will find that KASU services make their business easier, faster, and more lucrative.


KASU provides a wide range of customization options for your specific wood laser cutting application. OEM and ODM services are also available. Choose a dependable wood laser cutter provider now – KASU.


Expert knowledge of the fast-expanding wood laser cutting industry. KASU is dedicated to preserving and extending the company’s technological leadership. We offer an amazing wood laser cutter solution.

Used Extensively
Used Extensively

KASU Wood Laser Cutting is well-known. We have different types of wood laser cutting models to choose from. All of them have been widely used in the production of a variety of products. Customer service personnel you can trust.

National Sources
National Sources

To guarantee compliance with CE and FDA quality management criteria, every wood laser cutter is thoroughly tested before being placed on the market. KASU is a high-tech national business with direct sources of revenue.

Wood Laser Cutter Specifications

The precision of a wood laser cutter allows for designing exceedingly delicate shapes. Its use to engrave on wood enables picture rendering or high-definition printing. No finishing work is required since the laser produces crisp and clean cuts. Moreover, a wood laser cutting machine can also cut Type I wood, which is commonly used in aircraft, ships, carriages, packaging, water conservation projects, and other industries.

Cutting takes place without causing any wear, is dust-free, and is accurate. Its usage was facilitated and encouraged by perfect finishes that did not require any post-production. Even the mild oxidation (browning) of the cutting edges lends beauty to the piece.

Wood Laser Cutter Specifications
Wood Laser Cutter Advantages

Wood Laser Cutter Advantages

For any craft or art project, laser cutting should be your go-to option for creating complex cuts on wood.

  • High levels of precision and consistency.
  • Contactless laser cutting results in less breakage and waste.
  • No tool wear means consistently good cutting results.
  • Clamping the wood sheets isn’t always necessary.
  • Be able to conduct any intricate designs.

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Laser Cutting or Engraving Project

Wood is one of the most affordable natural materials for cutting and engraving. Customized woodwork is a popular laser-working application. The tool may be used to make stunning inlays that will customize your work and spark creativity.

Birch, and bamboo laser wood are two varieties of wood that are suitable for laser cutting. Birch, like maple and cherry, is a thick yet simple-to-work-with hardwood that’s widely accessible. It’s ideal for newcomers to laser cutting since it cuts smoothly and consistently. 

If you’re feeling more daring, a bamboo wood board would be a good choice. When etched, it has rich wood grain with a beautiful, delicate appearance.

KASU is a trustworthy partner that considers wood laser cutter users’ success to be our duty. Choose your wood carefully before beginning your forthcoming wood engraving job.

Choosing the right Wood for your laser cutting or engraving project

Why Choose KASU for your Wood laser cutter

Why Choose KASU for your Wood laser cutter
5-2 Why Choose KASU for your Wood laser cutter

As a wood laser cutter producer, KASU has a solid reputation. We are a group of experienced engineers that believe in actual knowledge and devotion when it comes to creating wood laser cutters. KASU is dedicated to providing its clients with the best wood laser cutters possible. It is built and developed to have great strength and durability that will last for years of use while minimizing defects and mistakes throughout operations.

All the wood laser cutter equipment on sale is manufactured in strict accordance with FDA and CE quality management requirements and inspections. For your suggestions, requests, and inquiries. You may now contact us. We are online 24/7 to support customers’ needs.

KASU Offers Professional Services

The following are some of our background services that you can trust when you are purchasing from us.

  • CE, FDA Quality Management Standards Passed
  • 70+ Self-owned Intelligent Properties and Patents
  • OEM/ODM Service is Available.
  • High Production Capacity
  • 100% After-Sale Support
  • Intelligent Laser Equipment Solution
  • 12+ Years Professional Manufacturer
  • One-Stop Co2 Laser Machine Solution
Wood Laser Cutter Processing Information

KASU provides a wood laser cutter that stands out in the laser cutting production and wood industry:

  • A router and a CO2 laser can be used together to start processing wood. Co2 laser is generally used for wood no thicker than 10mm.
  • Table sizes range from 900*600mm to 1300*2500mm and are appropriate for all typical board configurations.
  • Cutting printed wood panels using a camera recognition system.
  • Single, dual, and four laser cutting heads are available for different sized projects and order quantities.
  • 130W-200W sealed glass laser tubes are recommended for cutting wood.
  • A knife blade fixed working table is well designed for the best wood cutting.
  • Optional up-and-down table for engraving on thick wood projects.
  • There is no need to clean the processing area because there is no chipping.

KASU - Laser Cutter For Different Woods

Laser Cutter for Wood
Laser Cutter for Wood
  • Laser cutter cuts, marks, or engraves on wood
  • Cut both simple and intricate designs
  • Cut wood material as thick as 10 mm
  • Come in a multitude of sizes and powers
Wood Plywood and Bamboo Cutting Sample 25 - KASU Laser
Laser Cutter for Plywood
  • High repeatability and precision cutting plywood up to 10mm thickness.
  • Due to contactless laser cutting, there is less waste and breakage.
  • Consistent high-cutting quality
  • Perform both cutting and engraving functions.
Laser Engraver for Wood
Laser Engraver for Wood
  • Smart laser software to engrave any of your design files vividly on top of wood materials
  • Perfect and smooth darkend engraving finish
  • Compact size, lightweight, easy to use
  • Full automatic, strong versatility and low noise operation
Laser Cutter for Printed Wood
Laser Cutter for Printed Wood
  • Stencil mode or camera system needed for position cutting the printed wood designs
  • Create unique, one-of-a-kind items
  • Can be used in almost every category of woodworking project
  • Utilized the cutting and engraving capabilities of a laser system
Laser Cutter for Bamboo
Laser Cutter for Bamboo
  • Customize a unique design and provide added value for your bamboo products
  • Convenient for high-speed movement during processing
  • Multi heads and different sized models are available for processing different bamboo raw materials
  • Engraving and Cutting functions are available
Laser Engraver for MDF
Laser Cutter for MDF Board
  • Fast and reliable laser cutter for MDF board up to 10mm thickness
  • Optional laser 100W, 130W, 150W, 200W for different MDF thickness.
  • Convenient for installation, labor-saving
  • Guarantee stability and cutting accuracy
  • Both engrave and cut at the same time
Expert Wood Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Expert Wood Laser Cutter Supplier in China

KASU is a professional R&D team that works on the cutting edge of science and technology while adhering to the principle of environmental protection in order to keep our goods current and innovative. KASU can satisfy your production requirements. Contact us Now!

  • “Choosing Kasu as my trusted manufacturer because they provide a modern wood laser cutter that is appropriate for my demands, as well as equipment that is extremely accurate and produces precise cuts; we will be eternally thankful for Kasu’s great service.”

  • “Kasu is an amazing wood laser cutter supplier. The wood laser cutter is extremely easy to use and has a broad variety of cutting qualities; Kasu was an appropriate producer for me since they are always productive.”

  • “Whether you’re looking for an experienced and respectable wood laser cutter supplier for your business, Kasu Company comes highly recommended; they offer a machine that can cut a range of wood precisely and efficiently.”

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