Custom PVC Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu specializes in manufacturing laser cutters for different materials, including PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride).

We customize laser cutter specifications that suit your business and facility spaces.

You can guarantee high-quality with low-cost PVC laser cutting machines from Kasu. Communicate with us now!

  • Speedy cutting operation
  • Compact design
  • High precision
  • Certified and approved

Custom PVC Laser Cutter

PVC laser cutters come in different models. They are laser machines used for cutting plastics and PVC. These machines feature a strong and stable structure made from high-quality raw materials. The mentioned laser cutter can also engrave plastic materials into desired styles. PVC laser cutting machines are designed with high capacity and can cut up to 20mm material thickness. However, their limit depends on custom specifications and machine type.

Kasu has a complete set of equipment for customizing your desired laser cutter features. Our experienced engineers and workers ensure accurate machine design to suit your applications. Kasu is one of the worldwide trusted manufacturers of different PVC laser cutting equipment. Due to their benefits, investing in our offered machines assures a quick investment return. Please tell us your choice, and we will take care of the rest of the processes!

Why Choose Kasu as Your Supplier

High Production
High Production

Kasu’s production line and assigned personnel are diligent in fulfilling demanding orders. We are well equipped to accept PVC laser cutter orders based on the customer’s needs and deliver them on time.

Reasonable Cost
Reasonable Cost

In Kasu, we have a direct factory supply of raw materials and machine accessories. It allows us to offer our PVC laser cutter and services at an economical price. Thus, ideal for most businesses out there.

Worldwide Market
Worldwide Market

Renowned company owners around the globe have chosen to invest in us. We have a stellar reputation for producing high-quality PVC laser cutters and a faster lead time than existing competitors.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Every PVC laser cutter we produce undergoes rigorous tests and inspections from design to delivery. We ensure that every cutting solution works well and suits our customers’ needs.

PVC Laser Cutter Industrial Applications

Various suitable industries find PVC laser cutting machines valuable for their projects. The following are some industrial applications where the mentioned machines are utilized:

  • Advertising and Signage
  • Accessories and Decorations
  • Art and Crafts
  • Architectural Models
  • Template and Stencil
  • Badges and Stamps
  • Other industries
Screen Print Label Cutting Sample 7 - KASU Laser
Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Kasu can provide personalized laser cutters for PVC and plastic materials. To achieve the demand for immense cutting size procedures, Kasu manufactures rigid and stable machines. That makes sure the high precision, speed, and stability of working equipment. The customizable laser tubes are also made with durability, creating a beautiful smooth-cutting outcome. Kasu also provides additional machine accessories, like an auto feeder system. It helps save time, energy, and costs. The added system also improves work efficiency.

Whenever you need experts and PVC laser cutter manufacturers, trust Kasu’s services. We can entertain you from your selection to delivering the requested laser cutting machines. Our friendly staff is always open and ready to provide a quick response.

Why Include Kasu PVC Laser Cutter for Business

Utilizing customized PVC laser cutters for your production factories can improve productivity. They are also beneficial in the market as the latest industrial products are made from plastics. The following also tells us why Kasu PVC laser cutting machines are worthwhile.

  • High flexibility ranges up to three functions in one machine: through cutting, kiss-cutting, and engraving
  • Extraordinary table sizes to suit all standard plates and foil formats
  • High-speed automatic feeding model suitable for roll-to-roll PVC materials
  • Camera system and vision software are available for position cutting printed PVC.
  • High-speed operation
  • Maintains their stability while in the process
  • Cost-effective investment
Vinyl Laser Cutter: Advantages

Kasu -Your Trusted PVC Laser Cutter Supplier

Kasu -Your Trusted PVC Laser Cutter Supplier
Kasu -Your Trusted PVC Laser Cutter Supplier

Kasu professionally manufactures and customizes PVC laser cutting machines that meet your standards. After more than a decade of manufacturing laser cutters, industries trust our services. You can also be one of those who are satisfied with our support. Our large production capacity assures you continuous business supplies. Our customers’ demands are always our priority. 

Including our offered PVC laser cutters for your industry and production factory will surely heighten your earnings. Our laser cutting machines achieve precise, accurate cuts and smooth edges. We have available equipment that can cut, engrave, mark, print, and etch. Our service team responsibly accommodates your inquiries and provides for your needs.

Contact us right away!

PVC Laser Cutter Features

Kasu manufacturers specific models of PVC laser cutters, depending on your requests and needs. Below are some features of the mentioned equipment, making them more valuable to factories and markets. 

  • Easy operating system
  • It has enough hot affecting area that maintains the flatness and precise cutting lines.
  • Accurate cutting of any complicated design
  • Multilaser cutting heads enable high production
  • 0MM pattern space saving 10%+ raw materials
  • Variable machine sizes for your business
  • Hybrid servo motor
PVC Laser Cutter Parameters

For some specific applications, Kasu provides optional devices for the PVC laser cutting machines to better satisfy your business requirements:

  • Electronic Lifting Table: This part automatically adjusts the operating table depending on the thicknesses of cutting materials.
  • Auto Focus: It improves the precise and efficient cutting operation without adjusting focal length manually.
  • Air Filters: They come with a high-efficient air filter that features eco-friendliness and is pollution-free.
  • Multi Cutting Heads: Up to four laser heads can be equipped into one set of lasers, which will enhance your productivity significantly.
  • Feeding Belt: It is made with a mesh iron belt which can auto feeding the roll PVC materials after cutting and will automate the whole cutting process.
  • Camera system: If you have printed PVC patterns to position cut, a camera system would be a necessity for you.

PVC Laser Cutter Applicable Material

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter
  • Ensure the safety of the machine operator
  • Excellent speed and stability during the production process
  • Several sized of laser cutting tables for PVC foils are selectable
  • Low maintenance, no consumables
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Coated Fabric Laser Cutter
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Coated Fabric Laser Cutter
  • Cutting edges are smooth and clean; no reworking is required
  • High speed, high precision, and accuracy of repeatability
  • Automated function with conveyor and feeding systems
  • Non-contact processing
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam Board Laser Cutter
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam Board Laser Cutter
  • Different working sizes available, customized
  • A little bit of brown edge would be generated for the Co2 laser to process some PVC foam boards
  • Simple to use via a PC design program
  • ±0.01mm re-positioning accuracy
  • Fine-tuning cutting power control
Printed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Coated Fabric Laser Cutter
Printed PVC Coated Fabric Laser Cutter
  • Specially designed for the fast and heat cutting of Printed PVC Coated Fabric with a high-performance Co2 laser source.
  • Automatic correction, automatic positioning function with Top Camera system.
  • Transforming traditional PVC Coated Fabric product manufacturing process with innovated laser and vision technology and ensuring you gain more profits.
Printed Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter
Printed PVC Sheet Laser Cutter
  • CCD Camera system is adopted to contour cut printed PVC materials.
  • Equipped with the branded hybrid motion system
  • 1mm to 20mm thickness cutting ability
  • User-friendly interface, full functions, easy operation
  • Can process any graphics or designs
Your Professional PVC Laser Cutter Provider
Your Professional PVC Laser Cutter Provider

For high-performance machinery, look for a PVC laser cutter manufacturer with advanced configurations. Kasu provides revolutionary PVC cutter systems with great precision for today’s ever-tighter standards, founded on our twelve years of expertise. Trust our assistance and services now!

  • “Kasu is better than the service provided by other companies. Regarding operator concerns, Kasu’s customer support staff and field sales representatives go above and beyond.”

  • “Using a PVC laser cutter saves time. In addition to being precise, it also delivers alignment data promptly. The cutting machine’s manual is also highly user-friendly. Kasu, thank you very much.”

  • “Our clients benefit from Kasus’s PVC cutting solution since alignment is important in a dependable cutting machine. Kasu and their PVC laser cutter have met and beyond our expectations.”

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