200w Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu is well-known in the industry of designing and manufacturing 200w laser cutters for its high quality and service.

Our firm is known for its high-quality products, excellent after-sales service, and offers low prices.

  • High-capacity production
  • OEM/ODM support is available
  • One-stop solution for a 200-watt laser cutter
  • Passed CE and FDA quality management standards

Kasu 200w Laser Cutter

A 200w laser cutter is a piece of industrial prototyping and manufacturing equipment used to cut through and etch flat materials. This is commonly found in most workshops and is primarily utilized by most engineers. The other version of a laser cutter has 200 watts of overall power and leaves consistent and high-quality finished edges and surfaces. 

Furthermore, the KASU 200w laser cutter uses a thin, focused laser beam that cuts through smaller to more extensive materials into specified patterns and geometries. This powerful equipment also varies in different sizes depending on the needs and applications. 

To the large numbers of manufacturers and suppliers today, Kasu is one of the few companies that persist with the highest quality 200w laser cutter and excellent customer services. Our company offers numerous models of laser cutters in respective watts and other related machines that massively help your industrial applications.

Why Choose Kasu 200w Laser Cutter

Widely Used
Widely Used

200w laser cutter has been widely used in the production of different products, especially for cutting thick non-metal materials as well as some mesh materials with metal fiber. 

Industry Solutions
Industry Solutions

Kasu is fully committed and devoted to enhancing our technology leadership in 200w laser cutter industry. A simple structure, easy operation, and low maintenance cost.

High Standards
High Standards

Each 200w laser cutter is strictly examined according to CE and FDA quality management standards before it is put on the market. 100% after-sale support.

Good Stability
Good Stability

200w laser cutter can work for long hours. It can meet the precision parts processing and dynamic performance. Have energy-saving and efficiency with high productivity.

High-Tech 200w Laser Cutter

The 200w laser cutter has the most powerful performance and is offered at the most affordable price. It is available in many variables to choose from — it includes effective cutting areas, cutting heads, working table, etc. Each model of the 200w laser cutter is specified according to its usage. A wide range of our 200w laser cutter is applicable in all established industries, such as follows:

  • Advertising industry
  • Art and Crafts
  • Fashions and Decorations
  • Metal filter industry

If you are looking for the most affordable 200w laser that gives industrial strength and durability, KASU is the right one for you! 

High-Tech 200w Laser Cutter
Groundbreaking 200w Laser Cutter

Groundbreaking 200w Laser Cutter

A series of 200w laser cutters are suitable for thick wood, acrylic, or plastic fast cutting. Due to our expertise, Kasu adapts the advanced innovation for all 200w laser cutters. It has a fixed configuration and compensation system that ensures laser-quality consistency and efficiency within the cutting area. 

The rapid manufacturing development of the 200w laser cutter responds to the industry’s increased demand. It has a state-of-the-art controlling system that significantly enhances the laser output. 

Fully-Upgraded 200w Laser Cutter

Kasu 200w laser cutter has a high laser power that offers excellent cutting production and affects exceptional quality in different materials. It has an upgraded system that shows compatibility to work with all industrial materials and can withstand heavy-duty laser applications in long-term use. This is simple to handle and operate.

Kasu is happy to assist you in any of your consultations and also for you to intelligently choose the suitable 200w laser cutter that suits all your industrial needs and applications. 

Fully-Upgraded 200w Laser Cutter

Kasu - Your Reliable 200w Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

Kasu - Your Reliable 200w Laser Cutter Machine Supplier
Kasu - Your Reliable 200w Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

Using our skills and expertise in laser cutting technology and innovation, KASU is determined to generate optimized configurations for all 200w laser cutters. For 12+ years in this industry, KASU has focused on research and design and offered an industrial 200w laser cutter that features sophisticated quality at a competitive cost. 

KASU 200w laser cutter has ISO qualification certificates which serve as concrete evidence of its reliability and legibility. It is proven and tested by thousands of customers in different countries. Since its establishment, KASU has received excellent feedback; not only have we produced reasonable product solutions, but it is also because of our professional after-sale services, which lead to building trust and long-term relationships with our customers. 

Unique Features of 200w Laser Cutter

KASU offers a 200w laser cutter that stands out in different laser cutting manufacturing and industry due to its unique features:

  • Its durable and high-powered construction results in fast cutting speed and smooth, complex, and neat edges. 
  • Human-machine interactive interfaces
  • High configuration
  • More compact, high-strength, stable
  • Suited for high-speed and heavy-duty laser cutting
Industrial Advantages of 200w Laser Cutter

The following are the best to describe the advantages of utilizing a 200w laser cutter from KASU:

  • Guarantees fast and enhanced productivity
  • Excellent cutting versatility
  • High-accuracy and precise cuts
  • Low power and energy consumption
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Not risky to the operator
  • Labor and materials saving
  • Perfectly cuts various materials in specific patterns or designs

Kasu 200W Laser Cutter for a Wide Range of Uses

200w Laser Cutter for Wood
200w Laser Cutter for Wood

Many tasks benefit from wood, but hand-cutting is laborious and time-consuming. Learn how a 200W laser cutter can swiftly and efficiently cut wood! A 200-watt laser cutter is a superb tool for making accurate cuts in wood.

  • Simplicity: A 200w laser cutter does not require a tool change for each cut.
  • Accuracy: When compared to other thermal cutting processes, accuracy is one of the key advantages of the 200w laser cutter.
  • Adaptability: One of the most crucial characteristics of the excellence of the 200w laser cutter is its versatility. 
Plastic Craft Laser Cutter
200w Laser Cutter for Plastic

Kasu has an extensive 200w laser cutter for plastic. We deal with a variety of materials and can turn projects around fast to meet your needs. When working with plastics, the 200w laser cutter method provides a high level of precision and intricacy, making it an excellent choice for a range of applications. 200w laser cutter can use for types of plastic such as:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE)
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC or Vinyl)
  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS or styrofoam), and others.
Thick Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
200w Laser Cutter for Acrylic

Acrylic is a transparent plastic homopolymer that is most often known as plexiglass. Acrylic is similar to polycarbonate in that it may be used to replace the glass as an impact-resistant material. Below are some advantages of a 200w laser cutter.

  • Cut up to 2omm thickness acrylic
  • Simple to Use
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Precision cuts with high accuracy

Those uses, including letters, number, signs, logos, patterns, and arts and crafts, are all cut with a 200w laser cutter.  Contact Kasu and get a quotation to learn more about our 200w laser cutter capabilities for acrylic, etc.

Plush and Composite
200w Laser Cutter for Fabric

The 200w laser cutter for fabric produces precise cuts and sealed edges that prevent fraying. It uses a tool-free, contactless method and has excellent consistency and extremely high precision. The processing capability is computer-controlled and automated. 

  • Excellent and spotless cuts
  • Fast cutting of complicated designs
  • Enables complex, detailed work

Design changes can be made quickly; no tooling or mode is needed, and costly and time-consuming die expenses are eliminated. Lack of mechanical wear results in high-quality finished products.

200w Laser Cutter for Leather
200w Laser Cutter for Leather

With no need to switch tools, the 200w laser cutter for leather can both cut and engrave swiftly. It has a strong contrast to the leather and provides the personalization of a natural appearance. 

  • High cutting precision
  • High cutting and perforating speed
  • Great contrast
200w Laser Cutter for Metal
200w Laser Cutter for Metal

The 200w laser cutter for metal can do high-speed cutting. No die mode is needed anymore, which can significantly cut production costs and time. 

  • Software for 0mm space nesting 
  • Super smooth cutting edge
  • Energy saving and low maintenance
  • Super easy to operate
Professional and Expert 200w Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Professional and Expert 200w Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu has been manufacturing 200w laser cutters for almost 12 years. For several industries, we provide sophisticated, automated, and effective 200w laser cutters for different application solutions. Kasu owns more than 70 patents and intellectual properties. Send your request right now.

  • “Kasu’s is my excellent supplier for my 200w laser cutter needs. The 200w laser cutter has multi-cutting functions and extreme cutting versatility. Choosing Kasu as my manufacturer was an easy decision. They are always professional.”

  • “I choose Kasu as my trusted manufacturer. They have an intelligent 200w laser cutter solution, especially for my requirements. The 200w laser cutter has high accuracy and have precision cuts. Also, they are a professional after-sale service team. I will forever be thankful for the great services of Kasu.”

  • “If you’re also searching for an expert and reliable manufacturer of a 200w laser cutter for your business? I recommend Kasu Company. They offer a 200w laser cutter that perfectly cuts various materials with a high cutting speed.”

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