KASU Laser
Leading Manufacturer for Laser Cutter
KASU Laser
Leading Manufacturer for Laser Cutter
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High ROI
Purchasing directly from our factory can ensure you get your machine investment back in less than 3 months.
CE FDA Certified
Our high quality laser cutting machines all have passed CE and FDA Certifications.
Fast Lead Time
Our well organized production management system can deliver your laser machine within 15 days with guaranteed quality.
About us

官网168澳洲幸运10历史开奖计划:Best Laser Cutter Manufacturer In China

强调澳洲幸运10的官方网站,提供了全方位的服务。说明彩民可以通过网站168查询到澳洲幸运10的历史开奖计划,有助于制定更好的投注策略。KASU Laser was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. We are a professional laser cutter manufacturer with over 70 self-owned software and laser machine intelligent properties.

All our laser cutting machine models have passed CE and FDA Certifications.
Our professional after-sale service engineer team will offer you 7/24 prompt after-sale service support.

Featured KASU Laser Cutters

We currently have more than 100 models in 9 series of laser machines and CAD software, with an annual supply capacity of more than 5,000 units.
The Co2 laser cutting machine with Canon SLR camera and smart vision system can cut a much wider range of products.
CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
With the CAD pattern and nesting software, the non-vision co2 laser cutting machine can automate your cutting workshop.
A laser cutter with a CCD camera always has the best value for your money.

Your Material We Laser

Laser cutting is an industrial process used in many different fields and is widely used to cut different kinds of materials such as textile, paper, plastic, wood, leather, acrylic, etc.

Laser cutting technology is ideal enough to smoothly and effectively cut many kinds of materials without causing it any harm overall.

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Why KASU Laser Cutter

KASU is a Co2 laser machine supplier that provides laser intelligent equipment solutions to customers and manufacturing businesses globally.
12+ Years Professional Manufacturer
Since 2009, KASU Laser has developed rapidly and is becoming a reliable and efficient laser cutting machine manufacturer in China.
5000+ Global Cases
KASU has been serving over 5000 global customers with our high-end, efficient, and outclass Co2 laser cutting machines.
Full Certifications & Patents
Our high quality laser cutting machines all have passed CE and FDA Certifications. And we are China’s national high-tech enterprise with over 70 self-owned patents.
100% After-Sale Support
Our professional after-sale service engineer team will offer you 7/24 prompt after-sale service support.
Request A Laser Solution

KASU Laser is a leading laser cutter manufacturer with over 12 years of experience. Our professional team will offer you 24-hour stable-running high-quality laser cutters and one-stop after-sale service support.

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2023 Printing United Expo
During Oct.18th-20th 2023, KASU Laser is going to exhibit in 2023 Printing United Expo in Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia ,C323.
Oct. 18-20, 2023
2023 VTG Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry Exhibition
During Oct.25th-28th 2023, KASU Laser is going to exhibit in 2023 VTG Vietnam Textile and Garment in Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), A637.
Oct. 25-28, 2023

Support & Resource

Installation and Maintenance
We have prepared step-by-step installation and maintenance videos and manuals for our different laser cutters. Check now.
Detailed collection of KASU quality and intellectual property certifications.
Catalogue 2023
Full range and introduction of KASU’s 80+ models in 7 series of laser machines and CAD software.


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser
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    Raymond Galaria
    Sydney, Australia
    It is a compact laser, simple to use, precise, and very fast also because it cuts with two heads at the same time and with its powerful camera it can cut continuously. The KASU company followed me in all phases, even after the installation was made directly by them. They are very responsive and solve problems instantly! I am very happy I recommend it and if I needed it, I would also buy a second one. Thanks KASU.

Check All Customer Case

Click here to understand more about how we help our global 5,000+ customers grow their businesses.

Latest News & Blog

You will find the updated industry insights and topics on laser cutting machines that may be of interest to you.
Laser Cutter Flexible Production
Every industry and even each company has different needs for laser machines, and our ERP system can support the flexible production of laser machines with hundreds of spare parts.
In addition to the various safety measures we have made in the structure and electrical aspects of the laser machines, we prepared various safety stickers to remind the operators.
Laser Cutter Packaging and Transportation
Laser cutting machine is a very precise instrument. After doing all the QC work, we will give it layers of protection, so that it reaches you safely.

澳洲幸运10官网168历史开奖计划及直播——详细开奖结果历史记录查询2024 Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can Co2 laser cutter cut?

Co2 laser cutting machine can cut and engrave on non-metal materials like fabrics, leather, acrylic, plastic, vinyl and membrane, wood, plywood, paper, etc. with super high precision and speed.

As technology continues to develop, high-power Co2 laser cutting machines can even cut nonmetal fibers with metal fibers inside products.

What industries benefit from using a Co2 laser cutter?

Companies and industries that use the raw materials mentioned above and need to cut or engrave to a certain shape can consider the Co2 laser cutting machines.

Co2 laser cutter has been widely applied in the following industries such as advertising and signage, clothing and apparel, labels and appliques, promotion gifts and toys, art and craft, stencil and model, home textile and furniture, decorations, automotive interiors, etc.

Is Co2 laser cutter safe?

Yes, the Co2 laser cutter is very safe. While using a Co2 laser cutter, only CAD design and layout files are necessary. You can import the layout file into the laser control software and after setting cutting parameters, the laser cutter will start the cutting process automatically. You can hire a 50+-year-old operator to take care of the super simple pattern pick-up job.

For KASU K Series and KX Series models, the upper safe cover for the laser cutter is equipped. Laser off when opening the cover system is available. But due to the LED lighting and top camera holding structure design, most KD Series machines have an open operating area.

Co2 laser is a very safe cutting method, and most of our clients pick up the cut patterns while the laser head moves. But if your country has strict security regulations, you will need our all-around safe cover design model for KD Series to meet your government’s requirements.

Besides that, we try everything to make a reliable machine to protect both your operator and machine. We give each of our laser tubes a high-voltage wire silicone insulation treatment. The laser tube’s high-voltage wire and sheet metal distance are very close. And if without this treatment, the wire can easily get fire in the humidity environment, thus damaging the laser tube. The joint is insulated by multiple means. Eventually, it will also be supported with an insulated support frame to keep distance from the sheet metal and thus avoid high voltage fires.

And the emergency stop switch, alarm lamp, and safety stickers are only some examples you can see from the appearance of the laser cutter we have done to make the KASU machine safer and stabler.

But while laser cutting can be used for various materials, the thermal cutting method is not a hundred percent safe for the environment. If your local government has demanding environmental requirements, it is recommended that you equip your laser cutter with an industrial air purifier.

How much is a Co2 laser cutter?

To import a Co2 laser cutter from China, you need to calculate the EXW price of the laser cutter, the international transportation expenses, the import expenses, import and local taxation, and local transportation expenses.

And EXW price of the laser cutter varies from 2,500USD-40,000USD depending on the different models.

How long can I get my investment back in Co2 laser cutters?

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when calculating how long you can get your investment back after buying the KASU laser cutting machine or what is the ROI. And generally speaking, a Co2 laser cutter’s ROI can be 1-6 months.

The machine investment, your local worker’s salary, their social welfare, the cutting efficiency of the workers, the rent of your plant, your local electricity costs, the taxes, etc. need to be calculated.

When calculating the ROI of laser cutting machines, the main influencing factor is your local workers’ salaries. Because KASU laser cutting machine’s consumables, power consumption, floor space, etc. are negligible. You only need to consider the total cost of a KASU laser cutting machine to your factory, how many operators you can replace, and how much your workers’ salaries are, and then you can calculate the ROI.

Take China, for example, the high efficiency of Chinese workers is recognized worldwide. A KASU KD1814-SY laser cutting machine can replace at least 5 Chinese manual cutting workers. The average worker’s salary in China plus social welfare is US$1000-1300/month, so the ROI (return on investment) for our equipment in China is 2-3 months.

This is only based on an 8-hour working day. The ROI would be much higher if the laser cutter was running 24 hours a day. If the salary per worker in your country is US$200 per month, the ROI could be 6-8 months, because, in our experience, one laser cutter in your country can replace at least 10 manual workers. And in developed countries, the ROI maybe 1-2 months, as local labor salary can reach US$2000-3000/month.

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